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8th-Jun-2010 09:22 pm - new job
green eyes
Soooo, about that job interview I had last week... well I got the job ^_^

Today was my first day, and omg, my head hurts XD. So much information to assimilate... But I think I'll like it. Everybody was very nice to me, and they are all extremely funny. We laughed a lot ^_^. I think, and I hope, they will become real friends and not only coworkers.

I've had a big cold for the past week, and I'm finally in the process of killing it XD. I still cough a lot and my nose is still running a bit, but at least I got my voice back and I don't hurt all over anymore. God, I hate being sick, especially during summer.

Meh, I'm tired. Usually I write long posts, but today I feel lazy, and it's getting late, so I'll end it at that XD.
3rd-Jun-2010 04:41 pm - It's over
green eyes

So yeah, it's over. I watched the last episode of Kuroshitsuji yesterday. So sad T_T. I wanted to cry. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced there was no other way to end it, but still... I guess I didn't want Ciel to die.

But all in all, this last episode was awesome. And there was so much potential for a kiss XD. When Sebastian asks Ciel to close his eyes... their lips are only a few inches apart... I was holding my breath lol.

But WTF, Sebastian's true form = wears high heels? O_o Ha ha ha but I loved his eyes and his smile at that moment. *Shivers* Creepy, but sexy lol.

And what can I say about that scene where Ciel lets go of his hold on the tower bridge? I swear my heart skipped a beat. I really didn't see it coming. I went like OMG NO! Sebastian's surprised face was priceless, though XD

One of my favourite scenes is definitely the one where Sebastian tenderly strokes Ciel's cheek and takes off his (what, actually? I don't know the word in english. Headband? Blindfold? anyway, that thing he has over his eye XD). And Ciel briefly closes his eyes. Omg I thought I was going to melt. So cute!

So yeah, I'm so sad it's over that of course I investigated the possibility of a second season. I'm pretty disappointed by what I found, though. A second season, but with new characters? Probably no Sebastian and Ciel? That doesn't thrill me at all. And the concept is really too similar. I mean come on, the little guy must be the same age as Ciel, and his butler uses golden silverware as weapons. And his trademark line? "I want to greedily devour you to the bitter end". Lame -_-; It's nowhere as good as Sebastian's "Akuma de, shitsuji desu kara." So yeah, I don't know if I'll watch it. When it comes out, that is. Idk, I got so attached to Ciel and Sebastian that I'm not sure I'll be able to appreciate the new characters.

On another topic altogether, I found a job! I had an interview on tuesday for a job as a receptionist in a hotel, and yesterday they called me to tell me I was beginning on next tuesday. I'm so excited! I really needed this. But I thought the interview went real bad, so I don't know why I'm the one they decided to hire XD Oh well, I certainly won't complain lol.

Now I'll go read tons of Kuroshitsuji fanfics XD.

31st-May-2010 08:59 pm - Life goes on
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I feel a bit better today. My friends are really nice to me. One of them sent me text messages to know how I was and how my job hunting was going. Another one came to my house to spend a bit of time with me. She didn't tell me directly, but I know it was to cheer me up and to make me think about something else. I'm so grateful I have them in my life!

I have a job interview tomorrow. Receptionist in a hotel. It's 40 hours a week and most of the customers talk in english, so it would be good practice. I really hope I'll get the job. It would be too good to be true if I could find something right away.

Got to go to work tomorrow. Meh. Even though they fired me, I've still got one week left to work there. A two days week, but hey. I really don't want to go, but I need money, so I'll go and I'll do my best. That reminds me of the Candle Incident...

Let me explain. Last friday, I was working, and I saw that the other bossgirl got rid of everything that was on the table, except for one little candle, 'cause there was no room left on her tray. I wanted to tease her a little, so I said : "Come on, if you can't carry the candle, put it on your head!" and I mimiced the action. The thing is, the wax was still hot and liquid, so it spilled all over my hair and shirt. Let's just say all the employees had a good laugh, and it took me 10 minutes and a lot of help to look decent after that XD.

Even though I didn't really like the job and I've only been there for 3 months, I'll miss some of the people there. The bosses were harsh, but I was getting along well with the cooks and some of the waiters. They were kind to me and always making jokes. The hostess was a really nice girl and I had lots of fun with her. I'll miss them.

My ex texted me yesterday. I was a bit surprised, 'cause usually I'm always the one who tries to establish contact (always is a big word, 'cause we really didn't talk much since the break up). She just wanted to talk (well, text actually XD). In the end she'll still be studying in Montreal starting September, but she won't stay there. She only has classes 3 days a week, so she'll travel. Respects to her, I'd never do it. From my town to Montreal, it's an hour and a half ride. And I don't really like driving, so yeah, I'll be living there, thank you very much. I'll only come back to my hometown on the weekends. Besides, I can't stand my youngest sister anymore and my mom is slowly driving me insane, so apartment life sounds like heaven to me right now XD. Anyway, it made me feel better to know that she texted me on her own free will. I know we'll never be an item again, but it feels nice to know that she still wants to talk to me and be my friend. I'm not ready to see her and spend time with her yet, but it's nice to know that she cares a little bit for me, even if it's only as a friend.

Only 2 episodes of Kuroshitsuji left to watch. The end is nearing T_T. Oh well, let's look on the bright side. I'm dying to read fanfics, but I haven't read a single one yet 'cause I'm afraid of being spoiled. When I'll be done watching the serie I'll be able to read to me heart's content. Let's hope there are some good yaoi fics out there lol.

That's it for now. See yah! ^_^
30th-May-2010 10:24 pm - Finagle's law
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"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way."

Know that one? Well, it's true.

I got fired two days ago. Ugh. I knew the waitresses didn't like me, but still. It hurts. I feel absolutely useless. It shouldn't be so bad, 'cause I didn't really like the job and I was supposed to quit in three weeks to go back to my previous job. I had an arrangement with my boss and everything, I was supposed to begin on June 24th. The thing is, I called him yesterday and he can't take me back. Turns out when we discussed the matter a few weeks ago he thought he could arrange something for me, but in the end it didn't work out. And he told me only yesterday, and that's 'cause I called him! The jerk...

So yeah, back to the start. I'm so depressed T_T. When I don't work I spend my days crying and moping, and now I've got no job. Life sucks. Last time it took me almost 3 months to find a job. I really hope I'll find something soon. I just can't go on like this. I really need something to distract me, and since university will cost me a lot, with the apartment and stuff, I seriously need a job asap.

Sent an e-mail to my ex a few days ago, 'cause I wanted to have news. Turns out she'll be going to Montreal too in September. Ugh. I was kind of hoping she would go to Quebec. Last time I heard of her she was supposed to go there because it was cheaper and she could have internships in Russia. The first plan was that we would both go to Montreal, 'cause we were supposed to move in together and it was the only town that offered the program I wanted. But when she broke up with me she decided to go to Quebec instead. And now she's going to Montreal, because "the program is more interesting". Yeah, sure. Translation : Her boyfriend is going there. I miss her and I want to know how she's doing, but I only end up being hurt every time. At least if she had gone to Quebec she would have been far away from me and I could possibly move on faster. I know Montreal is a big city and we won't even go to the same university, but still... To know that she won't be that far and that things could have/should have been so different... Why  is life so complicated?

Anyway, on a lighter note, I started watching coughmarathoningcough Kuroshitsuji. Oh. my. God. Magnificient. Awesome. Why didn't I watch it sooner? And omg Sebastiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Soooo sexy! I've only got 4 episodes left and I feel like crying, 'cause I don't want it to end so soon. I've heard that the end is very sad and many people cried when they watched it. I didn't want to be spoiled, but while searching for informations and pictures, I read things... anyway. I closed the page right away, so hopefully I'll still be a bit surprised lol.

That's it for now, I think. Time to go to bed XD
19th-May-2010 09:27 pm - Meme
green eyes
Found that on [info]tonightyuuram's lj. Basically you put windows media player or whatever you have on random and you answer with the title of the song that plays. It's fun ^_^

So here I go.


Goodbye my lover – James Blunt

Does that mean I’m never ok with anything, so you might as well not ask me? XD


Une autre journée qui se lève – Les cowboys fringants

Which can be translated as « Another day rises ». Well, it does describe my mood. Another fuckin’ day.


Scar – Ayumi Hamasaki

Well, I guess scars can be sexy on guys ^_^ Depends on how they got them, though lol


Truly Madly Deeply – Cascada

Yeah, still deeply in love with my ex T_T


Break through – Gravitation

Heh, why not? lol


Immature – Ayumi Hamasaki

Well, I do keep telling my friends they’re stupid lol


La place des grands hommes – Patrick Bruel

Which is some place in France I think. Wtf? Well, the song talks about a guy who is supposed to meet his friends after 10 years. Pretty nostalgic. Guess I’m a bit… well a lot like that XD


Beautiful Goodbye – Amanda Marshall

Yeah, always thinking about the day my ex broke up with me. This is seriously getting depressing T_T


Ne lui parlez plus d’elle – Lara Fabian

Which means « Don’t talk to him about her anymore ». So, err, 2+2 = 0?


Tu trouveras – Natasha St-Pier

« You’ll find ». That one I can’t think of anything to say lol


Memories – Ayumi Hamasaki

This is soooo true T_T


I will always love you – Whitney Houston

Fuck, this is reaaaaaaally depressing.


Caramelldansen – Caramell

LOL yeah sure XD


Trauma – Ayumi Hamasaki

Only if the break up counts as one


Hikari – Elisa (Nabari no Ou)

Light? Well, I never was a troublesome kid, but I’m no angel XD



Purachina Platinum – Card Captor Sakura

Hahahaha that would be awesome lol


Futatsu no negai – DNAngel

Can’t believe I haven’t deleted that one. I used to like it, but now it gets on my nerves. Oh well, I guess that if I’m dead, I won’t hear it anyway lol


Frozen Flower – DNAngel

Errrr, nothing comes to mind, really.


Eien ni hibiku Uta – Wolfram

Well, it’s not a secret for anyone that I love Wolfram XD


Angel Dust – Gravitation

Yeah, they’re very precious to me ^_^


Sorry – Lene Marlin

Sorry for what? Yeah, I figure that the worst that could happen would be me hurting somebody (I always feel so aweful when that happens), but I guess I’ll never know how XD


Blind game again – Gravitation

Ok, so either I’ll die blind, or with my eyes closed…


Shakunetsu blood – Gravitation

Killing somebody? XD


Tearless – Gravitation

Not at all. But Gravitation made me laugh lol



Anti-nostalgic - Gravitation

Totally T_T


I get lost in your eyes – Debbie Gibson

Well, this is probably the most romantic song of the whole universe, so I’ll take it as a yes lol


LifeHouse – Halfway Gone

Err, I guess not enough, then lol


Season’s 3 opening song – KKM

Oh yeah, I’d change the whole thing, excepted the first few episodes with Wolfram acting all hot and mature lol


Arigatou – KKM

Does that make me a masochist?




green eyes
In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Filled with noodles?


Gosh, I need some sleep T_T
14th-May-2010 01:34 pm - blah XD
green eyes
Yeah, nothing exciting, really. Just things going bad as per usual.

My application in speech pathology at the university has been refused. I knew from the start it would be, my grades aren't good enough, but it still hurts. I guess deep inside I was hoping for a miracle. I know I can do linguistic and psycholy instead and still do an MA in speech pathology after, but it's not the same. I won't have internships, so there's no way I'll know for sure if it's really what I want to do for a living before finishing my studies. It kind of sucks.

I kept on being yelled at at work yesterday. I'm a bossgirl in a japanese restaurant, and one of the waitresses just spent the entire evening criticizing me, even when it wasn't my fault. I shut my mouth and took the blame, but inside I was like : Fuck you bitch. I know the restaurant is packed and you're stressed, but I am too, so shut the fuck up.

Anyway, this evening I'll bring my mother to the restaurant I work at to eat sushi! I swear they make the best sushi I've ever eaten. I just hope our waitress won't be the one who bitched me yesterday. It would be kind of awkward and unpleasant. But it will be my belated gift for mothers day, so I'll just smile and shut up if it happens, like I always do. What a good girl I am.

I worked a lot this week, so I'm dead tired. I was supposed to work this evening too, but my boss noticed that with the schedule she had given me, she was going to kill me XD So she gave me leave for tonight. I'm kind of grateful ^_^

And I'm going to go skydiving this summer! Don't know when, but I'll do it for sure. My younger sister turned 18 in March and since sh'es now of age, my mother's gift for her birthday is to bring her skydiving. I've wanted to do it for a long time, so I'll go with her and a couple of her friends, since she told me she didn't mind. It's a bit expensive (270$), but I think it will be worth it. After all the shit I had to endure over the past year and a half, I think I deserve it. Besides, I'm not the kind of person who spends a lot of money on trivial things, so I can afford it.

Oh yeah, I forgot. One of the customers at the restaurant yesterday was a guy for whom I had a crush on during high school. He came with his grandparents. I hadn't seen or talked to him for 3 years. And OMG, THE DUDE'S GOT NO LIFE AT ALL! He kind of got engaged after a 8 months long relationship with his girlfriend, they broke up, he dropped out of school and now he plays the piano about 10 hours a day. His family is pretty wealthy, so he can afford it. But still... I'm so glad he rejected me in high school XD He's changed so much in 3 years, it was hard to believe. We didn't talk much, I was too busy, but I should have told him I dated one of his elementary school classmates for over a year. A girl nevertheless. Just to see his face. XD If I see him again I totally will do it lol

Ugh, talking about my ex-girlfriend, I miss her so much. I really want to call her T_T. But I can't, 'cause I know I'll start crying the second I'll hear her voice. Love sucks.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

Ja ^_^
3rd-May-2010 07:34 pm - Ugh
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Okay, so first thing first. Found that on inuconen's page and since I totally agree, I decided to post it here.

So let me get this straight - Larry King is getting his 8th divorce, Elizabeth Taylor is possibly getting married for a 9th time, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage. Jesse James and Tiger Woods are screwing EVERYTHING, yet the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage?? Really? REALLY?? Repost to your page if you agree.

There you ago. Now, I seriously need to rant.

MY FRIEND IS SO FREAKIN STUPID. There. It's said. Her boyfriend dumped her about a month ago and she's been feeling pretty depressed since then. No wonder, they had been dating for 3 years. I perfectly understand what she's going through, and I try to be as supportive as I can. Hell, my ex-girlfriend broke up with me 4 months and a half ago and I still cry almost every day.

Thing is, I saw her ex-boyfriend a week ago, we had a long discussion, and he told me it was really over between them, that he didn't love her anymore and that there were a lot of things about her that he just could'nt live with anymore. And then, like 2 days after, my friend calls me all excited 'cause the guy told her he had made a mistake and that he still loves her. I mean, WTF? Something is veeeeery wrong.

But I've known the guy for a couple of years already and he's very honest, so let's assume he has no bad intentions and he really had an epiphany. At least that's what I hope happened, for my friend's sake and for the guy's health, 'cause he'll hear about me if he's only doing it 'cause he wants someone in his bed.

So my friend is on her little pink cloud, but it hadn't even been 48 hours since they were an item again that she was already asking for trouble. She's very dependant and she always needs all of his attention, which is one od the reasons he dumped her. And she nows it. But she's already throwing a fit because he could'nt see her when she wanted to. I mean, COME ON! The guy is giving you a second chance, and you're completely wasting it!

She didn't learn anything. I would kill to get a second chance to patch things up with my ex-grilfriend, and I sure as hell would'nt act like this. I'm probably the most selfish bitch of the whole universe, but this is so unfair. Sure, I'm happy for her, but I'm so jealous. Why did she get to have a second chance and not me? Why does she deserve it more than me? And the stupid idiot just doesn't realize how lucky she is. Sometimes I feel like punching her in the face.


Why is life so complicated?
Yesterday I saw my ex-grilfriend's father's Jeep in town. It's hard to miss, he had it paint all white with butterflies, tropical frogs and the likes. I was talking to a friend of mine and I just couldn't  finish my sentence. I felt completely lost for a few minutes, I couldn't even remember what I was saying before I saw the Jeep. That's how hopeless I am. I haven't seen her in 3 months, I just can't. I haven't even called her. We exchanged a couple of text messages, like maybe 4 or 5, but that's it. She told me she still wanted to be friends, but I can't. Not yet. Hell, I just saw her father's car and I started crying, so what is it going to be when I'll se her. More importantly, when I'll see her with her boyfriend?

Love sucks. Life too.

Ugh, kill me, somebody. I seriously need some good news.
26th-Apr-2010 11:46 am - Apartment found!
green eyes
So, yesterday started real bad, but it ended well.

First of all, during the night, a bunch of idiots threw paint balls all over our house. Ok, it's not that bad, we washed it, but it damaged the facing of the house. The thing is, the house is not ours, it's rented. So yeah, my mom is not looking forward to the meeting she'll have to have with the home owner.

And because it all happened like 2 minutes after I got home and because our house was the only one targeted, the first thing my mom did in the morning was to accuse me. "Of course it's because you did something studid, you must have cut in front of somebody with your car, or you did something to piss them off..." Yeah, sure. Even if I did, which I didn't, I'm sure of it, this argument implies that the guys conveniently had a gun and paint balls in their car. Well, obviously, that's what happened, mom. *rolls eyes*

So, the morning started with me really pissed off, and I had to spend an hour and a half in the car with my mom, 'cause we had decided to spend the day visiting apartments in Montreal, where I'm going to study starting September. And of course, we got lost and arrived 15 minutes late to our first appointment. Ugh. On top of it, the apartment was dirty and both dudes were really weird. They almost freaked me out. So yeah, that one was out of the question.

Anyway, I didn't find anything interesting until I went to Jessica's appartment. It was big enough, very clean, the room I would have was very spacious, there were 2 small balconies, the decoration was okay and Jessica herself seemed like a really nice person. Her boyfriend doesn't live in the apartment, but he was there when I visited and he seemed nice, too. The price of the apartment was reasonable and it's not too far from the university. 20 minutes of subway at the most. So yeah, I went to my last two appointments, then I called Jessica and told her I would gladly be her new roommate. I'm going to sign the lease in two weeks.

Well, that's one less stressful thing to think about. I'm a bit down, 'cause I was supposed to move in with my ex-girlfriend and yesterday reminded me painfully that there would be no "us" anymore, but at least I found something nice. Hopefully I'll get along well with Jessica and I'll make new friends fast.

So yeah, today everybody calls me to know how yesterday went and if I found anything interesting. It's funny XD

That's about it for now, I guess.

'til next time ^_^
15th-Apr-2010 09:41 pm - Fangirling!
green eyes

I just watched the first episode of Yozakura Quartet. And I fell in love. The chara design is soooo pretty, and the characters are all very interesting. I hope I won't be disappointed by the next episodes, 'cause that one got me completely hooked.

And there's that guy, can't remember his name, but he's got black hair that grows when he uses his powers... Reminds you of somebody? lol I went like : OMG, Yuuri's got a twin XD

And there's that other guy... don't know his name either, but he's very serious and he wears glasses. Mysterious. I'm in love ^_^ Go figure why I always fall for that kind of guy in anime and manga. He reminds me of Satoshi from DNAngel. Mmmmmm, sexy lol

Anyway, that's about it. I just wanted to share ^_^
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